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Privacy Policy for Ocasta Apps
Privacy Policy for Ocasta Apps
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This policy applies to all information collected, submitted by us through usage of Ocasta Studios Ltd's apps and services. By using our apps and services you agree to adhere to the following.

Use of Ocasta is granted through your employer, any notes here are an extension of any agreement you have in place in the terms of your employment.

Information we collect

Your name will be displayed amongst other users in the system and linked to activity within the apps and services. 

As common with web services, we may log the IP address and approximate location when using our services.

Photos uploaded within the app, such as your user image (avatar), may be displayed to other users during usage but will not be visible to anyone outside of Ocasta or your employer.

Data generated through the app, including content views, generated data and the associated date / timestamps may be viewable by other users of the system.

Oplift Scan
By design, The App Store version of Oplift Scan never sends your scans via our system, they're only temporarily held in the app until you share or reset. Please note: emailed scans may exist in your Sent Items or the apps you share with.

Scanned documents are NEVER uploaded to Ocasta or any cloud service other than those you choose to share to in the app.

Oplift Scan does collect analytics and usage data. 

We collect aggregated and anonymous usage information to help improve our service.

Data sharing
Unidentifiable usage data may be shared with:

  • Google - for aggregated analytics, crash reporting and distribution

  • Unity Analytics - for aggregated analytics and usage information

  • Intercom - for support 

Where your data is stored

We store your data on our secure servers in the UK. It may also be stored outside of Europe, where it could be viewed by our staff or suppliers.

Data requests & deletion

You can request a list of the data stored or data deletion through your employer, who manages the Ocasta system.

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