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Preview images feature in the news and article grids, such as the spotlight or news section on home. If you don't set a preview image, you'll see an excerpt from the content.

Both news and articles use the same format, in the CMS when creating or editing news/articles, find the Preview Image input box and upload an image in either PNG or JPG format, with a max resolution of 1920Γ—1080px. Generally JPGs are best for photo-style images, and PNGs for graphical images.


These appear in the course list, as well as larger in the course itself.

When creating or editing a course, you can replace the placeholder image with one of your own. This needs to be a JPG with a maximum resolution of 1280β€ŠΓ—β€Š720px.

Need imagery?

A good free image resource that is royalty free is called Unsplash.

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