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Search and view submitted reviews on the web
Search and view submitted reviews on the web

How to take a deeper dive into submitted review activity on the web. Filter results by location and person. Export to CSV.

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As your team starts using Review, filling in and submitting reports, you will probably want to see an overview of all the activity.

On iOS, Android and the web, you'll be able to see all completed reviews you have permission to see within your location. If you have roam permissions, which is assigned to your user in the admin, then you'll be able to see reviews for all locations.

On the web more filter options are available so you can take a deeper dive into submitted review activity for your organisation.

How can I view and filter submitted reviews on the web?

  1. On the web go to the Review tab in the top nav bar.

  2. You’ll see a list of submitted reviews you have permission to view.

  3. At the top you’ll see various filtering options. Below is an overview of the different options:

Review Type

  • Reviews can be about either a person or a location. You can choose to view all location or person reviews or you can select a specific location or person review from the dropdown. For example you might have a location Review called Store Checklist. If you select that Review type you will see all Store Checklist reviews carried out for all locations you have permission to see.

  • For location reviews, if you have permission to view other locations, two further options will appear, filter by region or enter a specific location in the Location box. If you don't have roam permissions you'll only be able to view reviews for your location.

  • For person reviews, if you have roam permissions then you'll be able to toggle to view reviews by location or by person.

  • Person Reviews by location - you can view all person reviews for a specific region/s or location/s. For example, if you had a person review called Sales observation, you could select it as the review type then refine the results to view all sales observations carried out in a specific region, such as the South East or refine the results further to a specific location such as Brighton. You can filter by more than one location, such as Brighton and London.

Please note that being able to filter person reviews by location is a feature that has been added recently. Any reviews submitted before the 1st March 2023 and on a version of the apps prior to 2023.02, will not contain information about location for a person. This will be indicated with a dash in the location column as you can see in the image above.

  • Person reviews by person - if you select By person then you can search for a user in the person field. For example you may want to search for all Sales observations for a specific individual.

Date Range

  • By default it will be set to the last 28 days.

  • You can also choose to show reviews for the last 12 months or enter a custom date range.

Submitted By

  • Search for reviews submitted by a specific person.

  • Start typing their name in the box or search for their name in the dropdown list.

Contains Tasks

  • If you’d only like to see reviews with tasks assigned then select the Contains Tasks check box.

How do I export reviews to a CSV?

To export to a CSV you need to select a Review Type. You can’t export a CSV for the first 3 options in the dropdown (All), (Person) and (Location). You’ll need to select a specific review listed after these 3 options, such as a store checklist review type.

Apply any further filters, then select ‘Download CSV’ which is located at the bottom of the list of review results.

For each report in the result it will list:

  • When the report was completed

  • Who did the report

  • The subject

  • All insights and the recorded values

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