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On the web you can view a summary of the insights from a specific review type as a helicopter view, then dive into specific locations or people to find the areas of excellence, improvement and risks.

  • Go to the ‘Insights’ tab on the web.

  • Select a review type from the list.

  • You’ll be presented with a view of all the insights captured for the specific review for the last 28 days by default.

  • At the top you’ll see the total number of reviews completed, the average score and the average time taken to complete the review.

  • You’ll also see a list of all of the insights and an overall score for each one. You can click on a specific insight to see the individual scores for each review where this insight was captured, and from there you can click to open the specific review if you want to.

  • Select a different predefined date range or enter a custom date range.

  • View reviews submitted by a specific individual by typing their name into the ‘Submitted By’ box.

  • Select to see all reviews within a specific region.

  • Use the ‘Location’ field to enter a location to view all reviews submitted by individuals in that location.

  • At the top of the page next to ‘By Score’ there is an option to view ‘By Section’. If you select this you’ll be presented with a list of the different sections within the review and an overall score for each section. Each section can be expanded to show all insights they contain. You can open up the specific review from this view too if you want to.

How can I export to CSV?

In the top right of the screen you’ll see a download CSV button, select that. A CSV will be downloaded to your computer which contains:

  • A list of all the insights in the review

  • The overall score for each insight

  • The number of completed reviews for each insight

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