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What are locations and how are they organised?

Locations can be entered manually or via an import (with the assistance of the Ocasta team). Each location has a location type and is assigned to a region.

Each user will be allocated to a specific location, this allows you to target content by location. For example you may want to target by region and let users in the East of England know that there is a weather warning and it may affect their journey to work. Alternatively you may want to target users by location type, for example you may only want staff in warehouses to receive a notification about the delay of deliveries. Or you may only want staff in head office to complete your checklists on GDPR.

How do I create location types?

With Engage and Review you can separate your users by the kind of location they are working in. This is useful for targeting different content which would only be relevant to each location type. Some examples of different location types are, Warehouse, office, home or store.

  1. Click ‘Locations’ in the left side bar

  2. In the subcategories select ‘Location Types’

  3. Add name - e.g. Warehouse

  4. Once you have completed, press the ‘Add New Location Type’ button

  5. Your new location type should appear in the table on the right. You can select any location type in the table to make edits.


How do I create regions ?

You can enter regions that you want to cover all locations of your business. They can be multi-level e.g. Europe - UK - Brighton

  1. Click ‘Locations’ in the left side bar

  2. In the subcategories select ‘Regions’

  3. These can be multi-level regions e.g. Europe - UK - Brighton

  4. First you must add the name of the overall region - e.g Europe

  5. Select parent region - none

  6. Select ‘Add New Region’ button

  7. Now you can begin adding all locations which come under this region

  8. Add name - e.g. UK

  9. Select parent region - Europe

  10. Description - Any additional notes for the region which will only be used internally

  11. Once you have completed this, press the ‘Add New Region’ button


How do I create locations under regions?

These are all locations of your business you want to cover which will be listed under the regions. For example your company may have lots of different stores, so you may want to create a location called the 'Brighton Store' which you want to assign under the following regions East Sussex- UK - Europe.

  1. Click ‘Locations’ in the left side bar

  2. In the subcategories select ‘Add New’

  3. Enter location - e.g. Brighton Store

  4. Location Region - click the drop down menu and select which region it will come under e.g. East Sussex

  5. Location Type - click the drop down menu and select which location type it will come under e.g. Office

  6. Address - Add the full address of the location

  7. Postcode - add and search for the address from the suggestions

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