Oplift May Release 2019

Comments and reactions, target content by role and tasks all in our latest release

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What's new in Oplift in our latest release? 

Comments and Reactions 

Comments and reactions is a new feature allowing your users to interact a lot more with the content in Oplift. It is currently available on the web but is coming soon on iOS and Android too.

You can react to an article by choosing between 3 emojis.  

If you have more you would like to say or would like to ask a question, you can leave a comment on an article or news post.

The default settings for comments and reactions are
Articles; Comments: off. Reactions: on
News; Comments: on. Reactions: on

Find out more about how to change the default settings. 

Target content by role

In Oplift Engage you can can already target articles and news posts by location type. We have added the ability to target by a specific role type to enable you to tailor content so users only see content that is relevant to them. 

Tasks assigned in Oplift Review will display in Oplift Engage

If you have Oplift Review any tasks you assign to a user or are assigned to you will now display in the 'You' tab in Oplift Engage in iOS and Android (Web coming soon). 

Change location

On iOS if you have the 'user can roam' permission you can change location whilst viewing checklists, viewing the stats tab and when handing out achievements. This functionality has now been added for Android too. 

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