Oplift June Release 2019

Push message and email notifications for comments, replies and achievements and playlists displayed by status in our June release

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What's new in our latest Oplift release? 

Comments and reactions for iOS

In this release we’ve added comments and reactions to articles and news posts on iOS.

We’ve also added notifications for comments and replies. Each time a comment or reply is left on an article or news post, the author will get notified via email and a push message. If someone replies to a comment, the person who wrote the comment will also be notified via email and push. 

Notification when you receive a new achievement 

Another new feature is that users will be notified when they have been awarded an achievement. Again, they will receive both an email and a push message telling them that they have been given an achievement, with instructions on how to view it. 

Playlists displayed by status 

In the iOS app we have improved how Playlists are displayed by making it possible to view them by status (All/In progress/Available/Completed).  

Tasks assigned in Oplift Review will display in Oplift Engage

For customers that have Oplift Review, you’ll be happy to know that web users too will now be able to see what tasks they have been assigned on the ‘You’ page.

Renamed 'Notifications' to 'Alerts'

We have renamed the 'Notifications' page across all platforms to 'Alerts'. We haven't changed the function of the page. This is where you can go to see any important messages to make sure you're up to date.

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