Oplift August Release 2019

Display playlists by status, improvements to the way achievements are handed out and web page performance optimisation

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What's new in our latest Oplift release? 

Filter playlists by status 

Across all platforms you can filter playlists by status; in progress, available and completed. For admin users on the Web you can filter by draft and archived playlists too 👍

Improvements to hand out achievements flow 

If you have the 'send to anyone' permission you can handout achievements to anyone in any location on iOS.

Find out more about how to edit permissions.

Lazy loading on the Web 😴

Instead of loading all your playlists and achievements at once, achievements and playlists will only load as you scroll, to optimise the performance and speed at which the pages load ⚡️

Standardise how acknowledgements work on Android 

We've tweaked a few things on Android for articles with acknowledgements to match the way it works on our other platforms, so they are all aligned.   

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