By scoring everything, Review lets you quickly get that birds-eye view of your organisation and teams with easily comparable reviews.

Here's how we calculate the scores.

Insight Score

Each insight has its own score, which changes depending on the insight type and how it is answered.


Vibes, the insights with a sliding scale are scored 0-100%, depending on where the user scores that insight.


Yes/No insights score 100% for Yes, and 0% for No. 

If you allow NA answers for the insight and that is selected, the insight won't be scored or counted.


This is a collective term for insight types Currency, Distance, Temperature, and Weight. With unit insights, you can set an optional target range.

Setting a target allows the insight to be contribute towards the review’s score. If the value recorded is within the target range it will be scored as 100%. If you only set either a minimum or maximum target, then the values recorded above a minimum or below a maximum will score 100%.

Dropdown w/ scores

For each individual option in a Dropdown with scores, you can set what the score should be between 0-100%. Options can have the same score, and you can also set choose to have some options to be not scored.


KPIs can have an Actual, Target, and via the admin you can set whether a higher, or lower number is good.

  • If an Actual is set, but no Target, it's scored 0%.

  • For optional KPIs with no Actual, they won't count towards score.

  • If an Actual and Target are set, the score will be calculated at a % to target, capped between 0-100%.

Note, Number and Dropdowns - Non-scoring

These insights currently do not generate a score and are not included in the calculations.

Mandatory vs Optional Insights

Mandatory insights must be completed, therefore will always be included in the section and overall scores.

Any Optional insights that aren't answered by the user will not be scored or used to calculate averages.

Weighted Insights

All scorable insights can be weighted 0-10, with all insights defaulting to 5.

Weighting an insight at 10 would make it twice as important as the default of 5.

If set to 0, the recorded value for the insight will not contribute to the score or averages.

Section Scores

Each section is scored based on the answered insights within it, and their weighting.

Insight 1 - Yes/No
Answer: Yes
Score: 100%
Weight: 5
Score Weight: 500%

Insight 2 - Vibe
Answer: 60%
Score: 60%
Weight: 5
Score Weight: 300%

Insight 3 - Yes/No
Answer: Yes
Score: 100%
Weight: 0
Score Weight: 0%

Insight 4 - Vibe
Answer: 100%
Score: 100%
Weight: 10
Score Weight: 1000%

Insight 5 - Yes/No
Answer: No
Score: 0%
Weight: 10
Score Weight: 0%

Total of score weights = 1,800%
Total of weights = 30
Section score = total score of weights / total of weights
Section score = 1,800 / 30
Section score = 60%

Section score is calculated by multiplying each completed insight by its weight, adding these numbers together for each scorable insight, then dividing that by the total of all the weights. 

Non-scoring insights, N/As and any optional insights that haven’t been completed won’t impact the section score.

Overall Score

The overall score is the average score across all insights in the reporting, factoring in their weighting. This is to prevent shorter sections having too high of an impact on the whole review score.

As with section scores, non-scoring insights, N/As and any optional insights that haven’t been completed won’t impact the overall score.

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