What are the different types of insights?
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What are Insights?

Insights are what is used to collect the data to build a review.

There are different types of insights in review, some which are scorable and some which are more for information collection. Insights are arranged into different sections within a review.

Yes/No Insight

This is what it says on the tin. You simply tap yes or no and you can add additional comments and an image if necessary. For example, are all the Point of Sale (POS) displays up to date, yes or no?

There is an option to allow N/A answers in the admin.

Vibe Insight

For Vibe, you move the slider towards red to represent a low score or green to represent a high score. For example, how clean is the store today? You can add optional comments in the box and attach an image for additional proof.

Dropdown Insight

This is useful if you want to have responses with controlled vocabulary, so you can provide a list of options for the reviewer to choose from. For example, how loud is the music playing in the store? Full volume, Loud, Ambient, Too quiet?

A dropdown can be set to either score or not. If it is scorable, upon selecting a value, the colour will change to represent the score (red - low, green - high).

Unit insight

There are four different types of unit type insights; temperature, currency, distance, and weight. Within each unit type there are predefined units and a target range (min-max) can be set for each.

Text insight

A text insight is great when you want to capture a short answer to a question.

Numeric Insight

This type of insight can be used to record a number, for example, you might want the reviewer to record the average sales transaction in store during a store visit.

Please note the value entered does not count towards the overall score.

KPI Insight

This type of insight is used to record Key Performance Indicators. These are set in the admin as well as a target and value. For example, the sales revenue for a store.

Please note values will only count towards the score if a target has been set for the KPI. Both the target and the actual value is recorded in the app.

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