What are Insights?
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What are Insights?

Insights are what is used to collect the data to build a review.

There are different types of insights in review, some which are scorable and some which are more for information collection. Insights are arranged into different sections within a review.

Here are some examples of the most regularly Insights used. If you are an admin user see the full list in this guide What are the different types of Insights and information on how to create them.

  • Yes/No Insight - You simply tap yes or no and you can add additional comments and an image if necessary. For example, has the shop floor been cleaned, yes or no?

  • Vibe Insight - move the slider towards red to represent a low score or green to represent a high score. For example, how does the mood seem in store today?

  • Numeric Insight - this can be used to record a number, for example, count the number of working iPads in a store.

  • Unit Insight - There are four different types: temperature, currency, distance, and weight. For example, what is the temperature of the fridge?

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