The Ocasta team have set up your version of Albert and you’ve been given accounts so you can access it on the web or the apps, so what are the next steps to get ready for launch day?

  1. Login to the admin and create your rounds and questions. First time around you’ll want to create some questions first so you can add them to a round. Read this article about Questions which gives a summary of the different games available and details how to create your questions in a few simple steps.

  2. Once you’ve created some questions you can create a round. Read this article on Rounds to learn how to create them. NB: Make sure you have a round scheduled for the day of launch and a few days following that.

  3. Before launch day, make sure your employees know how to access Albert on the web or where to download the apps . If they are already using one of the Ocasta apps Engage or Review, they can use their existing username and password. If not, users will need to be added to the system manually in the admin or via user import. Read this article about User Management can find out more.

Promoting Usage

When launching Albert, there are a a few ways to drive usage:

  • Consider sending out launch merch/swag to your staff - contact us if you need high-res imagery to support production.

  • You may want to offer users of Albert an incentive to play in the form of instant prizes such as a key ring or a voucher. Read this article on Instant Prizes.

  • If you use Ocasta Engage, you can integrate Albert into the app switcher and banners to quickly launch from your Engage app. When creating a banner, select App as the target and then Albert. To add to team apps, add Albert to your app switcher.


  • If you are launching part way through the month you have the option to start questions from the beginning of the month, so that employees will have a few rounds to complete on launch day to get some practice. Alternatively, you can start questions from the day you launch to keep staff excited for the next day's rounds. That’s up to you, just schedule questions accordingly.

  • You have the option in the admin to add a custom profile screen banner and a background image. This can be added or changed at any time in the admin. Read the Banner and takeover guide to see how.

    The Ocasta support team is on hand to give you advice whenever you need it 😀

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