Update: coming mid-2022 you'll be able to upload a CSV of questions and rounds into Albert, reducing the need to manually schedule each day's questions!

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What are Rounds?

To show up in Albert, your questions has to be assigned to a round. There are 3 Albert questions each day, so each round represents one day on the calendar.

Each date below is a Round of Albert questions:

How do I create a Round?

  1. Log in to the admin

  2. Go to Albert in the left side bar

  3. Select Rounds from the sub-options

  4. Click Add New

  5. Here you'll see the ability to add questions This is where you add questions to your round. You need to add 3 for each round/day. You can add new questions or search for existing questions you have previously created. You may want to reuse a question you have used before to reinforce learning.

  6. See this article for more detailed instructions about how to add questions and the different question types.

  7. You can save the round as draft if you still want to make edits, but to go live with a round, you need schedule a round to be published and select the date. 

  8. You'll see a Publish section on the right hand side. 

  9. Go to where it says Publish immediately and tap Edit this will reveal a date picker.

    1. Select the date you would like your questions to be published.

    2. Select the time you would like the questions to become available on that day, we'd recommend midnight 00:00.

    3. Select OK

  10. Finally, press Schedule to queue up your Round.

The Round will then automatically publish, making those three questions available to staff on that date.

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