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What are Rounds?

To show up in Albert, your questions have to be assigned to a round. There are 3 Albert questions each day, so each round represents one day on the calendar.

Each date below is a Round of Albert questions:

How do I add a question to a Round?

  1. Log in to the admin

  2. Go to Albert in the left side bar

  3. Select Questions from the sub-options

  4. You can add new questions or search for existing questions you have previously created. See this article for more detailed instructions about how to add questions and the different question types.

  5. Once you've created a question select the question you'd like to add to a Round from the list. You can use the search bar to quickly find a question. (Questions that have not been added to a Round will be a labeled - Draft)

  6. You'll see a Publish section on the right hand side. Select the calendar icon to reveal a date picker. Select the date you would like your questions to be published.

  7. Press Schedule to queue up your Round. You can add up to 3 questions for each round/day.

  8. The Round will then automatically publish, making the questions available to staff on that date at 00:01 am.

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