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What are instant prizes?

Instant prizes are optional. You may want to offer users of Albert and incentive to play in the form of instant prizes such as, a key ring or a voucher. Users who play Albert can be in with a chance of winning these prizes. If a user has won a prize they will see a congratulations message on the screen.

How do I add a new instant prize?

  1. In the left hand side bar go to 'Quiz' and in the subcategory select 'Instant Prizes

  2. Title - add a title for your instant prize for example 'Keyring'. This is not displayed in the app 

  3. Message to Winner - if the user is lucky enough to win a prize they'll see a message pop up on their screen. In the text box you can specify this message, for example 'Congratulations, you have bagged yourself a keyring! 🎉🎁

    (There is a limit of 34 characters for this message.)

  4. How many prizes - enter the number of that prize you have to give away

  5. First date that this can be won - enter the start date the users can start winning this prize. This is useful when planning prizes in advance 

  6. Last date this can be won - enter the final date that this prize can be won. After this day no more of this type of prize will be handed out 

  7. Who can win? - You can specify if only certain roles can win this prize and users in certain location types. For example you may want only standard users in the office location type to be able to win a particular prize

  8. Enter as many instant prizes as you wish

How are the prizes distributed?

Behind the scenes Oplift is built using a number of algorithms which handle the distribution of the prizes. Every time you play you have a chance of winning.

The ocasta support team are on hand to give you advice when you are adding your prizes.

What is the prize board?

If you wish you can choose to display what prizes are available. The Prize board can be accessed via the app from the profile screen.

How do I add prizes to the board?

  1. Go to 'Options' in the left hand side bar

  2. Select 'Albert Options' from the sub category menu

  3. In the text box under 'Albert Settings' you can add the prizes you would like displayed and and any images

  4. When you have finished click 'Update'

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