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Redesigned Review Reporting Interface & Multilingual Support in This Months Release
Redesigned Review Reporting Interface & Multilingual Support in This Months Release
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In this month’s release, we've revamped the Review reporting interface and added support for multiple languages. In the Albert admin you can now select the time when Albert Questions should be published and the priority for Engage this month has been software upgrades and bug fixes. Learn more below.


Improved Review Reporting Interface

Our team has been hard at work building a new and improved Review reporting area to enhance your user experience and allow you to more easily identify trends in your data.

Here's a summary of what’s changed:

Streamlined Reporting: We've re-organised our reporting structure to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. We haven't removed any of the current reporting features; we've just consolidated the reports previously housed on the Review and Insights pages into a new Analytics area. Upon logging into Review on the web, you'll see the new Analytics option located in the top navigation menu bar. From there, simply head to the Analytics area to explore the revamped reporting interface.

Enhanced Functionality: The new layout allows you to jump between reports quickly. You can expand or collapse the side menu bar and select your desired report with ease. Also, we're introducing a new feature: your applied filters will be saved as you move between reports when possible, saving you time and allowing you to focus on areas of interest.

New Submitted By Report: We’ve introduced a new report where you can see how many Reviews each user has submitted for a selected Review and date range. This means you can easily keep track of user activity and engagement.

Future Improvements: The revamped layout lays the foundation for even more reporting capabilities in the future. We plan to add further reports and new functionality in the near future, so you’ll be able to more easily identify areas of strength and weakness, pinpoint areas of improvement, and celebrate success.

Navigate to a Review from a Task

Before, when you viewed a task, you could only see details related to the insight the task was associated with. Now, if you have permission to view the Review, you can choose to access the entire Review directly from the task view, offering a broader context.

Localisation of the Review App to Support Multiple Languages

We've implemented support for Arabic, French, and Spanish in the Review app.

If your device's language is already set to Spanish, for instance, the Review app will automatically display in Spanish. However, if you prefer to use a different language, you can customise the language settings within your device's system app settings. This allows you to select your preferred language for the Review app regardless of your device's default language.


Select the Publication Time For Your Albert Questions

You now have the flexibility to choose your preferred time for your Albert questions to go live and be ready for players.


This month for Engage the focus has been on software upgrades and bug fixes for an improved user experience.

If you have any questions please let us know 🙂

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