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Albert Question Import
Albert Question Import

Create Albert question import file and upload questions. Download a template.

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How to create a question import file

If you have a long list of questions in a spreadsheet consider using the Import Questions facility in the Admin, instead of creating each question manually. You can import up to 100 questions at a time.

To import questions you need to first create a csv file, for which there is a template available to download below. The column headings are:

  • date - this has to be in the following format yyyy/mm/dd or dd/mm/yyyy. You can only import questions for future dates. Remember a round can only contain up to 3 questions.

  • question_type - one of the following (enter exactly as they are typed below)

    • whack-a-mole

    • standard

    • the-claw

    • shootout

    • penny_pusher

    • catapult

  • question - type your question into the box. Please note character limits are not checked upon import so please ensure your question and answer lengths are under the limits for the chosen question type. Character limits for the albert questions.

  • question_category - optional. You can create/ view your question categories in the admin. Categories must already exist prior to running the import.

For each question type there must be at least three answers. Usually there is one correct answer and two wrong answers but you also have the option to have two or three correct answers. Whack a mole is the only exception as there has to be 6 answers, three correct and three incorrect.

  • correct_answer_1

  • correct_answer_2

  • correct_answer_3

  • wrong_answer_1

  • wrong_answer_2

  • Wrong_answer_3

  • feedback - this is optional and is displayed after answering the questions. The user can view the feedback by tapping on the question plectrum from the questions screen.

How to import the questions file

  1. The file needs to be a csv. If you have edited the file for example in Excel or Google Sheets you’ll need to save it as a csv.

  2. When your file is ready you then need to go to the Admin view, select Albert then the sub-menu item Import Questions.

  3. Choose the file you just saved as csv

  4. Select Import

  5. Your file will first be checked for errors.

  6. If it passes validation you’ll be shown a report stating the number of questions successfully imported.

    • A question will not be imported if the date already has 3 questions associated with it.

    • If there are more than 100 questions in the file, only the first 100 ones will be imported.

  7. If it fails validation you’ll be shown a report to say why the import failed and the reason, for example row 3 - there should be exactly 3 answers.

    • The file can fail validation for a number of reasons; if any date is not in the future, if question types or categories do not exist, mandatory fields missing, incorrect number of answers.

If you are unsure why your import failed please get in touch with a member of the Ocasta team and we can help you.

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