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Audiences are coming soon on Engage!
Audiences are coming soon on Engage!
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We’re excited to share with you that we’ll be launching Audiences on Engage soon 🎉

What are Audiences?

Audiences are a way to save targeting so you don't have to recreate it for every news item/article you want to apply it to. You’ll be able to save a number of locations, regions and/or individuals as an Audience. The Audience can then be used as a target for a news item or article.

For example, you might want to have a new initiative you're launching in different waves to groups of people, or have teams of champions for your different product ranges. Using Audiences, you can now target these groups directly.

We’ll share more details with you when the release goes live and links to articles on our help centre with lots more info about how to create an Audience.

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