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Test mode is coming soon on Engage!
Test mode is coming soon on Engage!
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We’re excited to share with you that we’ll be launching test mode on Engage later this month 🎉

Currently, on Engage, there is a ‘Learn’ section where you can create courses containing articles which have tasks and questions. These courses are currently designed as a learning tool to help improve employee knowledge.

Sometimes, however, you may need to test employee knowledge, for example, to support compliance or during onboarding to ensure employees have the understanding required to perform their job role. Test mode can be used to do just this ✅

In the admin, you’ll be able to select if questions added to an article are required to be a test. You’ll then be able to set a pass mark, the number of questions you’d like to be asked and if you’d like them asked in a random order.

When completing a course, users will clearly be able to see which lessons are a test, as they will be labeled with a test badge. If the user completes a test and scores above the pass mark, then this badge will change to reflect that they have passed.

We’ll share more with you later this month when the release goes live, as well as links to articles on our help centre with lots more info about test mode and how to get started using it!

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