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Engage Overview

An Overview of the 5 main areas of Engage and the key features of the platform

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Engage Overview

This article gives you a quick overview of Engage to make you familiar with all the key features in the platform and how to use it.

For a deep dive into any of the sections mentioned, just click on the links under each section for more detailed feature descriptions or get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to help.

There are five main areas of Engage: Home, You, Search, Learn and Manage.

Here is a summary of the key features within each area.

Home 🏠

Keep up to date with your company’s news and activity and access tools.

Task switcher

Tap on the squares icon in the top left nav bar and you’ll open the task switcher menu. From here, you can easily switch to other Ocasta apps you use, such as Engage and Review. You can also link to other Team apps that have been configured like as Salesforce or Slack.

Dash tiles

These tiles appear on your Home page; they are to categorise all of your articles and links, making them easy to find.

Dash tiles can open article categories, individual articles, web links and the news category.


Banners are a visual way of getting communication out immediately and are used to promote initiatives which are displayed on the Home page of Engage.

You can customise in the admin where the banner component appears on the home page, and they can link to a news post, article, app or external link. You can have multiple banners and customise the order in which they are displayed.

Article and Spotlight

Articles are where you will write most of your organisation's knowledge, everything from policies, procedures, how-to guides, new starter guides, tech troubleshooting, products, instructions, help articles, tips, and FAQs. You can categorise your articles into the categories you have created.

You can choose to turn on comments and reactions, which are a great way to encourage engagement with the content 😍 πŸ‘ πŸ™‚ πŸ™ πŸ’‘πŸ‘

If you have chosen for Spotlight to be a component on the homepage, when you add an article to the Spotlight section, it will appear on the home page. This section can be used to focus employees' attention on important content or on an article that has been recently updated. This is useful to showcase content or for content that you update regularly but don't want to have to put out a news or alert every time you change them, like your latest customer feedback or sales figures.


Keep everyone in your organisation updated with the latest news. You can choose between a standard news component which shows unread and latest news, or our zen news component, which just displays that employee's unread items.

You can choose to view news by category, in the timeline, or just focus on unread news.


These are instant notifications that cut straight through the noise going directly to the users who you want to receive them, making them great for quick and urgent announcements. Push notifications will pop up instantly on your user's device, and they will also show in the alerts section on the home page.


The Engage calendar feature helps you to keep your organisation running efficiently and keeps your employees focused on priorities.

You can create entries for key organisation wide events, activities and reminders which will be visible to all employees from the Engage homepage or via a calendar dash tile.

You can customise which components are displayed on the Home page and the order in which they are displayed.

You πŸ™‚

One area for all your activity so you can focus on what requires your attention.


If you have an article you'd like to make sure staff actually read and understand, then you can turn it into an acknowledgement.

This will appear at the top of the Home page and the You page to read and mark as understood. On the You page, you can view your history, which shows all the articles that you have acknowledged and the date you acknowledged them.


Kudos are awards and encouragements that a member of staff can hand out to one another as recognition.

You can see all Kudos you have received on the You page as well as hand them out. You can also see the Hall of Fame, which shows all Kudos that have been handed out within your organisation. You can view Your Location, Your Region or All.

There is also a Kudos component on the home page which shows if you have any unopened Kudos and, if not will show the most recent awards handed out within your organisation.


On the You page, you can see a summary of your learning activity. You can see the number of courses you have in progress and the number of courses you have completed. You can click All Courses to view the courses available to you to complete on the Learn page.

My Tasks

If your organisation also uses Engage then you will be able to see your tasks on the Home and You page on Engage.

On the Engage Home page, you'll be able to see at a glance how many tasks you have open and how many of them are overdue. On the You page, you'll be able to see more detail as the 3 most urgent tasks (most overdue at the top/ due soonest) will be shown.

Search πŸ”Ž

The entry point to the knowledgebase to browse and search articles.

Search & Browse

You can quickly search for articles you would like to read using the Google-like search, or you can choose to browse the knowledgebase. You can browse by category and drill down to subcategories. You'll also be able to see any articles that have been added to the Spotlight.

Learn πŸ§‘β€πŸ«

Access courses and expand your knowledge.


Within the dedicated learning area, you’ll find all your courses. Courses are a collection of articles intended for bite-sized learning. Articles can contain tasks or questions.

On the learn page, you can see which courses are in progress and which you have completed, or you might want to browse the collection of courses available to you.

When you complete a course, you can download a certificate which you can share with your colleagues to show you have completed the course πŸ’ͺ

Test Mode

Sometimes you may need to test employee knowledge, for example, to support compliance or during onboarding to ensure employees have the knowledge needed to perform their job role. You can use test mode rather than a standard course to do just this.

Manage πŸ› 

Creation, management and reporting hub for admins

Kudos Creation & Bulk Send

On the manage page on the web, you'll see the Kudos management section. Here you create digital stickers and trophies with a message for your employees to hand out to one another. You have the option to use custom graphics so the kudos match your brand.

You'll also have the option on the manage page to bulk send kudos, so copy and paste a list of usernames so you can award Kudos to a large team more efficiently without the need to search for everyone on the list.

Course Creation and Management

On the manage page on the web, you'll see the course management section. Here you can create new or edit an existing course.

Before publishing a new course or if you've made edits to an existing course, you can use Preview Mode to complete a course to check everything is correct before making it available to all users.

Reporting and Analytics

On the manage page on the web, you'll find all the reporting so you can keep an eye on compliance, engagement and learning across your organisation.

The reports give you an insight into the following:

  • What news, articles and alerts are popular

  • The most viewed categories and sub-categories

  • Who has read specific articles, news and alerts

  • Course activity and performance

  • Kudos handout history

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