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Introducing Engage 3: What’s New?
Introducing Engage 3: What’s New?
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We are excited to announce our biggest release to date, Engage 3. With a new clean and modern UI, improved user experience, and some exciting new features. We can’t wait to tell you about it! 🥳

There are now four main areas of Engage: Home, You, Search and Learn. We haven’t removed any features you currently love but they might have been reorganised into a different section, for an overall improved employee experience.

Home - Keep up to date with your company’s news and activity and access tools.

You - One area for all your activity so you can focus on what requires your attention.

Search - The entry point to the knowledgebase, browse and search articles.

Learn - Access courses and expand your knowledge.

Here is a summary of what’s changed. If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

Rebranded name & icon ✨

One of the first things you and your employees will notice is a new icon and brand.

  • A new name on the app store Ocasta Engage (used to be Oplift Engage).

  • The app will continue to be Engage when installed on the device.

  • A new app icon on device home screens:

Why the change?

We continue our ongoing updates to modernise Engage and Review, and as part of this, are retiring our use of the Oplift brand as we rebrand and improve both apps. We found customers confused what was Ocasta and what was Oplift, so now we're focusing on Ocasta to keep things clear.

Please note: if your welcome emails point staff to download the Engage app by searching for Oplift Engage on the app store, after this update Engage will display as Ocasta Engage. Searching for Oplift Engage will still work. The existing links to Google Play and the App Store will remain the same.

New single core 🍎

Engage 3 is built from a single core which means you’ll have the same experience across both apps and the web, and they will now all receive updates at the same time.

Task switcher 🔁

Any apps (links to external platforms, such as Salesforce or Slack) that used to be shown on the Dashboard have been moved to the Task Switcher under ‘Team Apps’. This menu list can be opened by tapping the squares icon in the top left of the nav bar.

You’ll also be able to easily switch between Ocasta apps such as Engage and Review.

Dash tiles 👌

The dash tiles have been given a new sleek look and you can now add a custom image as well as the icons you could do previously.

Banners 🎉

We’ve changed the aspect ratio of the banners to 16:9 so they’re easier to make in PowerPoint and other graphics tools.

Recently Updated becomes Spotlight 💡

On the home screen you’ll see a new section called Spotlight. This is where recently updated articles will show.

News 🗞️

The news section has been given an upgrade as you can now add an important flag to must-read news as well as a preview image on the news item tile. If you select to view ‘All’ news from the Home screen you can filter by news category, view by timeline or just focus on unread news.

News and alerts now automatically expire after 30 days to keep content relevant, which you can override on each item as required.

Acknowledgements ✅

You can now see when an acknowledgement was requested and clearly see which acknowledgements are overdue that require urgent attention. If you select to view your acknowledgements from the home screen, you can view a ‘History’ of articles you have acknowledged previously.

Dedicated search & knowledgebase 🔎

We’ve created a new and improved search area where you can quickly search for articles you would like to read or you can choose to browse the knowledgebase. You can browse by category and drill down to subcategories.

Dedicated learning area 🧑‍🏫

There is now a dedicated learning area within Engage. You’ll find all your playlists here, which have now been renamed to courses. We’ve added a few new features too, such as a preview of the course details before you enrol and the option to redo a course you have previously completed if you want to refresh your knowledge.

Achievements become Kudos ⭐

Achievements are now called Kudos. You can see all Kudos you have received in the You section as well as hand them out. We’ve added a new feature which enables you to hand out more than one Kudos at a time, which is great if you need to hand out team awards.

Manage area for admin & reporting 🧐

We have consolidated the reporting into one main area called ‘Manage’. This is only available to admin users on the web. Read more about it on our Engage 3 reporting summary.

Going Live ⚡️

This will be an automatic upgrade on the evening of the 1st of August, but don’t worry, all of your content will stay in place, including historic reporting. Your employees' Engage app will slowly automatically update to the new version, although they’ll still be able to access all your content before upgrading. Contact us for early access w/c 25th of June.

You shouldn’t have to make any changes before going live, and the team at Ocasta will make sure your branding is updated. To get the most out of Engage 3, you can add a featured image to your news, articles and courses to make them more recognisable and engaging.

There are big plans beyond Engage 3, with us having a robust platform to quickly grow upon throughout the coming months!

We can’t wait to hear what you think - got any feedback or questions? Use the chat on this page or email us:

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