New Engage Release October 2022
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We’ve got some exciting new features in the latest Engage release!

Course certificates 🎉

When you complete a course, you can now download a certificate which you can share with your colleagues to show you have completed the course 💪

Zen news 🗞

You can now choose between either our standard news component on your Engage home page which shows unread news and latest news, or zen news, which just displays unread news, with a message showing when you are all up to date 👍

Improved reporting 📋

For admin users, we have added some improvements to Engage reporting

  • We’ve added filtering to the handout history report for kudos which you’ll find in the kudos section on the ‘Manage’ page.

  • Learn now has two new reports, question analytics and individual analytics. Question analytics allows you to check how well questions are being answered for an article and to see where people are struggling to identify the correct responses. Individual analytics allows you to drill deeper and review how well an individual has performed on a completed or in progress course.

Customising your home page 🪄

In this latest release we’ve added Kudos as a component you can choose to display on your home screen. It shows the most recent awards handed out within your organisation.

A member of the ocasta team can customise your homepage for you, just contact Find out more about what options are available below.

Missed schedules

Sometimes your content could miss it's scheduled publishing time if you scheduled it within a few minutes of the current time. We've now put in checks that will correct any content that misses the schedule, so you won't have to manually publish it anymore!

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