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New Engage Release - Course Analytics Reporting
New Engage Release - Course Analytics Reporting
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We hope you’re enjoying the new Engage 3! If you have any feedback please let us know.

We've just released an update to include course analytics reporting which can be accessed via the ‘Manage’ tab if you have Admin permissions on the web.

Select the 'Published' or 'Archived' course list and then select the course you'd like to view analytics for. There will be an 'Analytics' button in the top right, select that and the report will be displayed.

This report gives you an insight into course activity. You’ll be able to see which employees have completed a course or are currently completing the course and the duration the course has been open.

The release also includes some fixes such as

  • The Dock has been renamed to App Switcher in the admin

  • Removed apps are automatically removed from the App switcher

  • Bulk handout fixes

    • Non-existing or deactivated users needs to be removed before send

    • Visual tweaks

  • Hall of Fame fixes

    • Only show opened Kudos

    • Default to My Region

  • Kudos fixes

    • Pressing send quickly could send multiple Kudos

  • Dash tile fixes

    • An article category tile wouldn't show if it didn't have a sub category

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