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In Engage you can customise which components are displayed on the 'Home' page and the order in which they are displayed. A member of the Ocasta team can do this for you just contact

Here is an overview of what the different components are:


Banners are a visual way of getting a communication out immediately.

They can link to a news post, article, app or external link, users can scroll through them whenever and wherever they are. They are usually used for advertising company events, promotions, or news.

News/ Zen News

You can choose between either our standard news component on your Engage home page or zen news.

Standard News

Every time you post a news item it will show up on the Home screen in the news section with an icon which signifies which category it is from.

Unread news is shown as the priority, followed by the latest news if you are all up to date. You can see a count of the number of unread news items in the top right and there is an option to view all news.

Zen News

Zen news just displays unread news, with a message showing when you are all up to date.


Alerts are instant notifications that are sent straight to your users, they are great for quick and urgent announcements.

Alerts will be displayed in the Alerts section on the Home screen. You'll be able to see the number of unread alerts you have and there is an option to view all alerts.


If you select for an article to appear in 'Spotlight' then it will show up in the Spotlight section on the home screen of Engage. This section can be used to focus employees attention on important content or on an article that has been recently updated.

If you don't have any articles selected to show in the Spotlight, then this section will not appear on the home screen.

Dash Tiles

These are the tiles that will appear on your Home screen, they are designed to categorise all of your articles and links making them easy to find. You can have parent article categories, web links and news tiles.


The Engage calendar feature helps you to keep your organisation running efficiently and keeps your employees focused on priorities.

You can choose to display the calendar in a component on the Engage home page or alternatively you can create a calendar dash tile on the Home page which links to the full calendar.


Kudos are awards and encouragements that can be handed out by a member of staff to another member of staff in the same location. The Kudos component on the home page shows the most recent awards handed out within your organisation. They will only display once the recipient has opened a Kudos.

If you have an unopened Kudos this will display as a mystery Kudos.

Review Tasks

If your organisation also uses Review then you will automatically be able to see your tasks on the You page on Engage. You also have the option to display the tasks component on the Home page of Engage to highlight how many tasks you have open and how many are overdue.

Search Bar

You have the option to add a search bar as a component on your Home page, so you can quickly search for articles you would like to read.

A member of the Ocasta team can do this for you just contact

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