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Coming soon: name and icon change for Review
Coming soon: name and icon change for Review
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Very soon we are releasing a new version of the Review apps, and one of the first things you will notice is that the app has:

  • A new name on the app store Ocasta Review (used to be Oplift Review).

  • A new app icon on device home screens:

Why the change?

We continue our ongoing updates to modernise Engage and Review, and as part of this, are retiring our use of the Oplift brand as we rebrand and improve both apps. We found customers confused what was Ocasta and what was Oplift, so now we're focusing on Ocasta to keep things clear.

We'll complete this transition this summer alongside a major update to Engage - so stay tuned!

Please note: if your welcome emails point staff to download the Review app by searching for Oplift Review on the app store, after this update Review will display as Ocasta Review. Searching for Oplift Review will still work. The existing links to Google Play and the App Store will work.

What's new on iOS?

In the iOS app we also have these new features:

  • Custom icons and colours

    • Reviews can now be set up with custom icons/colours in the admin, these will show up on the Start, In progress, and Completed pages.

  • Redesign of Start page

    • Bigger tiles showing more of the Review title making it easier to know what report you're starting.

  • Tweak to start Review flow

    • When starting a new report, the user is shown your description of the report so they know for sure what the report is about before starting it, as well as making it clearer what location you've selected.

  • Task tab

    • Users can now see and manage tasks they have been assigned within Review iOS ๐Ÿ’ช

    • By default users are shown their open tasks sorted by urgency, and they can see their completed tasks

    • Users can open a task to see the details

    • Users can mark tasks as completed โœ…. or re-open completed tasks

    • You can expect to see this on Android in the near future!

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