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Getting started setting up a new Review Template
Getting started setting up a new Review Template
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How do I set up a new template?

  1. In the admin select 'Review' from the left side bar and select 'Review Templates' from the list of sub categories.

  2. Select 'Add New'

  3. Enter a title, which will be displayed on the reports screen in the app.

  4. Select the 'Review Template' drop down and a list of fields will be displayed

  5. What is this review about? - From the drop down list, select if your review is about a location, user, or just free text, which is not specific to either.

  6. If you select 'Location' then you need to select the location types your review applies too.

  7. If you select 'User' then you will see an additional option where you can toggle yes or no if you would like the observee to be able to view the review.

  8. Description - add an optional description for your Review. This will be displayed in the front end.

  9. Icon - select an icon for your review which best reflects what it is about. We’ve created lots of different icons to choose from in the media library. You will also need to select the icon colour.

  10. How are actions assigned? - Toggle between 'Oplift User' or 'Free Text'. If you select 'Oplift User' then actions can only be assigned to users in the system. If you select 'Free text' then actions can be assigned to users in the system and not in the system.

  11. Include URL to full report in email - Toggle between 'Yes' or 'No'. When you submit a report you can share the report via email. If you select 'Yes' this email will contain a URL to the report so that it can be easily viewed in Review, if the person has permission.

  12. Include score in email - Toggle between 'Yes' or 'No' if you would like the score to be displayed in the email after submission.

  13. You are now ready to start creating sections for your Review. Read more about sections here.

  14. Once you’ve created your sections you can add insights to sections. Read about how to do this here.

  15. Review permissions - You’ll need to select which roles you want to be able to perform the review and which roles can view the review. Read more about it here.

  16. Once you’ve finished creating your template you can either save as draft or publish it straight away.

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