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Getting started with a new review
Getting started with a new review

How to start a review, complete insights and submit a review.

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How to get started with a new review

You can carry out a review on the web, mobile or tablet. Follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the 'Start' tab and select the review you wish to complete.

  2. A review can be specific to a person or a location. Find or search for the required person or location in the list to get started.

  3. You are now ready to start your review..

  4. The Insights are arranged within sections. Work your way through each section completing each Insight. You can read this article What are Insights? for a summary of the different insight types.

  5. You can do this via quick entry or if you need to add further detail to an Insight such as a photo or additional notes, just select the Insight.

  6. As you complete your review the Insight tiles will become coloured to reflect the score. This gives you an overview as you go along. This will look slightly different on the web, tablet and Mobile.

  7. You can save your review and submit it later or submit it if it’s complete.

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