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Integrate and launch external apps
Integrate and launch external apps

How to quickly launch your existing apps from Engage

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What Are Apps?

In the context of Engage, Apps are used for any external platform which your organisation uses which you would like in the platform, such as Salesforce or Slack. They can be added to the App Switcher under ‘Team Apps’. This menu list can be opened by tapping the squares icon in the top left of the nav bar.

How do I add a new App?

  1. Click ‘Options’ in the left side bar

  2. In the sub-category click ‘Apps’ 

  3. Tap 'Add New'. You'll first need to add the title of the app, this will show when the user clicks on the app icon image to confirm they want to open the app. 

  4. You'll need to select if your app is an Android, iOS or a Web app.

  5. Add the Url of the app

  6. App icon - add the image for the app 

  7. Click the publish button on the top right side once you’re ready to share!

How do I make my app appear in the Task Switcher under Team Apps?

  1. To display them in Team Apps click ‘Options’ on the left side bar 

  2. In the sub-category click ‘App Switcher’

  3. In the left box underneath ‘Apps’ select which apps you would like to appear in the Team Apps, these will then show up in the right box.

  4. When you are ready to share click ‘update’

  5. Your App should appear in the App Switcher menu 👍

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