Use these for policies, procedures, how-to guides, new starter guides, tech-issues, products, instructions, help articles, tips, and FAQ’s.

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What are articles?

Articles are where you will you write most of your businesses communications, everything from, policies procedures, how-to guides, new starter guides, tech troubleshooting, products, instructions, help articles, tips, and FAQ’s.

You can categorise your articles into the categories you have created. Read about Article Categories if you haven't created any yet.

How do I add a new article?

Whenever you want to add a new article to your knowledgebase you'll need to login to the admin then:

  1. Click on ‘Articles’ in the left side bar

  2. Click ‘Add New’ in the sub-category

  3. Enter title of the article item in the top bar

  4. Enter your article item content into the large box

  5. You can format your text and add links to your text with the tools in the bar at the top of the text box

  6. Add media such as images and videos using the ‘Add Media’ button above the box

How do I add links to my article?

  1. You'll see a tab labeled links where you can add internal or external links

  2. For links select ‘Add Link’ in the tab

  3. Select ‘Internal Link’ to link to another article

  4. Title - enter title of the link

  5. Internal link - select article from the drop down menu which you would like it to link to. These are good for policies if you need to reference another policy in your article. E.g. you may need to reference sickness policy in your flexi-time policy.

  6. Select ‘External Link’ to link to something external

  7. Title - enter title of the link

  8. External link - Enter valid URL starting with https:// e.g.

How do I add attachments to my article?

  1. For attachments select the ‘Attachments’ tab

  2. Title - enter the title of the attachment

  3. Click ‘Add File’ button upload from your previous media library or upload a new media.

How do I publish and share an article?

  1. Click the publish button on the right side once you’re ready to share!

  2. You can save a draft if you would like to come back to it, click the button on the right side of the screen

  3. You can choose a date that you want to publish, in the right box that says ‘publish’ select ‘edit’ where it says ‘publish immediately’ choose your date. This is good a feature if you want to write articles in advance and set the publish date in the future 👍

How do I archive/remove an article?

  1. In the admin, open the article you wish to archive

  2. In the top right corner, where is says Status: 'Published', select edit

  3. Change 'Published' to 'Archived'

  4. Select Update

How do I clone an article?

If you want to create an article that is very similar to another article you have already created, you have the option to clone an article so that you don't have to create it from scratch.

  1. In the admin go to Articles > All articles to view the list of articles.

  2. You can search for the article you would like to clone, if it is not shown on the first page of the list.

  3. Hover over the article you'd like to clone and you'll see a list of options appear. Select Clone.

  4. The cloned articled will appear at the top of the article list. It will have the same title as the original but will have the prefix [CLONE].

  5. You can now select and edit the article as you would normally, removing or adding anything you require.

  6. The same settings as the original article will be copied over to the cloned article with regards to the following:

    • Comments

    • Reactions

    • Requires acknowledgement

    • Expiry date (when the article will be archived)

    • Included in spotlight

    • Who can view the article

    • Preview image

  7. Make sure you check these before publishing, if you'd like them to be different to the original article.

  8. Learn content will also be copied, so make sure you scroll to the bottom to check that this is still required/relevant for you new article 👍

How can I see Revision History for an Article?

While editing Articles and News in the Admin, you can access the revision history within the Publish section. This feature allows you to track any changes that are made to an article and see how has made the changes. You can also restore previous versions.

  1. In the admin select the Article you want to see the revision history for.

  2. In the top right you'll see a Publish section and within that section the number of revisions that have been made will be indicated.

  3. Select Browse and you’ll be taken to the Revisions screen.

  4. Here, you can see the changes that were made in each revision by dragging the slider at the top of the screen. You can also use the Previous and Next buttons.

  5. For each revision you'll be able to see what was changed and what was deleted.

  6. You can also compare any two revisions by checking the box at the top of the screen. (This option is only visible if there are more than two revisions)

  7. To restore a previous version just select the Restore This Version button, or to return to the current version select Go to Editor.

Additional configuration options for all types of articles


To make sure staff mark your article as read and understood. Learn more here.


Select from the menu and choose which author you want to show up on the article.


Articles needs to be added to a category. Use the drop down menu to select which category the article should belong to.

You can also add tags to the article, either by clicking into the box and selecting an existing one, or by clicking on the + symbol and add a new tag. You can add multiple tags to an article. Tags are useful to add to make searching for articles more efficient.

Comments and Reactions

You can choose if you want users to be able to comment and/or react to the articles.

Include in Spotlight

If you select for an article to appear in 'Spotlight' then it will show up in the Spotlight section on the home screen of Engage. This section can be used to focus employees attention on important content or on an article that has been recently updated. If you don't have any articles selected to show in the Spotlight, then this section will not appear on the home screen.

Customise Article Preview

150 characters to summarise your post when shown in lists. If you do not fill this in it will use the first 150 characters from your news post. Learn more here.


You can archive your post at a certain time. You might want to do this if your post is time sensitive e.g. Christmas temp staff wanted and asking staff members to ask any friends or family, you may want to archive this post at the beginning of December to prevent any employees still sending candidate information when you have already filled all of the positions. - click the bar to say yes then choose a date from the calendar for when you want it archived.

Who can view this?

With the options here you can target your article so that it only shows to the people it is relevant to. You can target articles based on location and/or role. When you target by location you can either target by location type or to specific locations.

You can select multiple location/location types and roles to target the article to.

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