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Alerts (Push Notifications)
Alerts (Push Notifications)
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What are Alerts?

These are instant notifications that cut straight through the noise going directly to the users who you want to receive them, they are great for quick and urgent announcements. No more sending emails and waiting for replies, push notifications pop up instantly on your user's device even if the app isn’t open. This means no notifications are ever missed.

You can send them to everyone or users in specific locations or regions. You can also have an action which the user is required to do after they open the notification. For example a travel warning may link to a travel website to urge staff to check their travel routes.

How can I add push notifications?

  1. Click ‘Alerts’ in the left side bar

  2. In the sub-category click ‘Add New’

  3. Enter title of your notification - these should ideally be short and catchy to grab your reader's attention. 

  4. Push notification content - enter the message of your notification 

  5. Notification action - Select which action you would like from your notification from the drop down

  6. Article - link to another article in the platform select one from drop down menu
    News post - link to a news item in the platform select one from drop down menu
    App - link to an app in the platform select one from drop down menu
    External link - link to an external webpage write one in the external link box (including https://)

  7. Notification recipients - Decide by location or region of who you would like to send your notification to

  8. Select location or region from the drop down menu 

  9. Expiry - You can archive your notification at certain time. You might want to do this if your notification is time sensitive e.g. Stores in the North are closed due to severe weather warning  - click the bar to say yes then choose a date from the calendar for when you want it archived

  10. Click the publish button on the right side once you’re ready to share! It'll send out instantly unless scheduled.

Where can I view Alerts?

Alerts will be displayed in the Alerts section on the Home screen. You'll be able to see the number of unread alerts you have and there is an option to view all alerts.

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