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What are banners?

Banners are a visual way of getting a communication out immediately, they are displayed on the Home screen of Engage. You can customise in the admin where the banner component appears on the home screen.

They can link to a news post, article, app or external link, users can scroll through them whenever and wherever they are. They are usually used for advertising company events, promotions, or news.

Banner settings

There are a few settings you can use to customise how you want the banners to display. These can be updated whenever and will take effect as soon as you press 'Update' on the right

  1. Click ‘Banners’ in the left side bar

  2. Select if you want your banners to be displayed Ordered or Random.

  3. Select if you want to banners to automatically change or not

  4. If you have chosen to have the banners to automatically change you can then choose how long the banners should show before changing.

How do I add banners?

You can have a maximum of five banners on the platform at any time which should each measure 970px x 480px.

  1. Click ‘Banners’ in the left side bar

  2. Click 'Add Banner' to add a new banner.

  3. Image - click ‘Add Image’ upload form your computer or choose an existing image from your media gallery. The image size should ideally be 970px x 480px.

  4. Action type - select from the drop down menu, where you would like your banner to link to 

  5. Article - link to another article in the platform select one from drop down menu

  6. News post - link to a news item in the platform select one from drop down menu

  7. App - link to an app in the platform select one from drop down menu

  8. External link - link to an external webpage write one in the external link box (including https://)

How can I change the order of my banners?

  1. Drag each banner to the position you would like it to be in

  2. Click the publish button on the right hand side once you’re ready to share!

  3. You can save a draft if you would like to come back to it, click the button on the right side of the screen.

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