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Profile Screen Banner & Background
Profile Screen Banner & Background
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How do I add a banner or background to the profile screen?

  1. Go to ‘Options' in the left hand side bar

  2. Select 'Albert Options' from the sub category menu

  3. Scroll down to the box titled 'Custom Image Type’

  4. Select from the following:
    Background - this replaces the profile screen background with a custom image (some elements remain visible in the foreground)
    Banner - this places a custom image within the profile screen billboard (centered with a clear background)
    None - this will remove any banner or background currently set

  5. For Background and Banner, under `Custom Image’ click ‘Add Image’ and select from the media library or upload a new image
    The ideal Background image should be 2436x1012 pixels or have a ratio of 21.65:9
    A Banner image should be 450x375 pixels or have a ratio of 6:5

  6. If you would like your banner image, or a Find out more button in Background mode, to link to an external URL you can add the URL in the ‘Profile Screen Link' box

  7. Once you have finished tap 'Update'

Note: this guide relates to the updated Albert release due late August 2022

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