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Test mode for courses for quick knowledge checks of your workforce

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What is test mode?

Currently, on Engage, there is a 'Learn' section where you can create courses containing articles which have tasks and questions. These courses are designed as a quick learning tool to help improve employee knowledge.

Sometimes, however, you may need to test employee knowledge, for example, to support compliance or during onboarding to ensure employees have the knowledge needed to perform their job role. Test mode can be used to do just this βœ…

How do I create a test?

In the Admin, you'll be able to select if questions added to an article are required to be a test. You'll then be able to customise the following:

  • Pass mark - Some important tests may require a 100% pass rate, whereas for others, it might be less important to answer all questions correctly.

  • The number of questions you'd like to be asked - This allows a test manager to create a large question bank then the system will choose a selection to be asked to the users. Doing this means it's harder for people to share answers or for employees just to write down their answers from the time before.

  • If you'd like them asked in a random order - asking questions in a random order means, for example, that if users happen to be sitting close to one another, they will receive a unique test even if the questions asked are the same for everyone.

Follow these steps in the Admin to set up an article to be a test:

  1. In the Admin go to 'Articles' in the left sidebar and select 'All articles' if you want to create a test for an existing article or 'Add New' if you want to create a new article with a test.

  2. You will see a section called 'Learn Content'.

  3. Under 'Add Learn Content', you can select either questions, tasks or questions for a test from the dropdown.

  4. Select 'Questions for a Test'. The following options will then appear.

  5. Pass Mark - Drag the slider or enter a pass mark into the box. This is the percentage that a user has to score to pass the test.

  6. Questions to Ask - By default, this is set to 'All', but after adding your questions, you can change this by selecting a number from the dropdown. For example, if you have added 10 questions, you may only want the user to be asked 5.

  7. If you leave the 'Random Order' tick box unticked, then the questions will be asked in the order you added them in the Admin. If you have set the 'Questions to Ask' to lower than the total number of questions, the questions will be displayed in the order in which they were added.
    For example, if you added 10 questions and only wanted 5 of those to be asked, the system will select 5 questions at random, for example, questions 2,5,6,8,10 and ask them in that order. If you tick the 'Random Order' tick box, then the questions will be asked in a different order.

  8. Remember to 'Publish' or 'Update' your article when finished.

  9. Check out this article to learn how to add your test article to a course.

  10. You can use 'Preview' mode in Engage's 'Manage' section to try out your test before publishing it.

How do I complete a test?

  1. When completing a course, users can see which lessons are a test, as they will be labelled with a test badge. (The test badge will be the same as your brand's colour).

  2. Once the user has selected a lesson containing a test, a message will be displayed to inform the user that it is a test, how many questions they will be asked and the pass mark.

  3. Once the user has started the test, they will be warned if they try to leave the test session as progress will be lost. Tests have to be completed in the moment.

  4. No feedback is shown to the user during a test.

  5. Once the user has completed all of the questions, they can see if they have passed or failed the test. If the user completes a test and scores above the pass mark, the badge will change to reflect that they have passed. If the user has failed the test, they will be able to retake the test.

How are scores calculated?

  • For questions requiring only one answer, e.g. True or False, 100% is awarded for a correct answer and 0% for incorrect answers.

  • For questions that require two correct answers, if the user only selects one right answer and the other incorrect, then a score of 50% is awarded.

  • For questions that require three correct answers, if two correct answers are selected and one incorrect answer, then a score of 66.66..% is awarded.

  • All the scores are then added together and divided by the number of questions. The total score is rounded to the nearest whole number.

  • The total score is then checked against the pass mark to see if the user has failed or passed the test 🀞

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