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How to add video to articles and news on Engage.

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YouTube or Vimeo 

If you paste a Youtube or Vimeo link into the content section of an Article or News post then it will automatically convert it to an embedded video. The video will continue to be hosted on the original site but will be viewable from within Engage. This works for unlisted or password protected videos (for internal use) as well as public videos (such as company marketing videos).

Uploading videos

If you wish to upload and host a video directly on Engage then you can do this by going to:

  • Add Media' above the article content

  • Selecting 'Upload Files'

  • Upload your video

  • If you want, select and upload a custom thumbnail

Video format

The video must be in MP4 H.264 format. Most mobile devices will record in this format by default.

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