Oplift January 2020 Release

Handout achievements across all platforms and XLSM file support

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What's new in our latest Oplift release? 

Handout Achievements on Android 🏆

This was already possible on the web and iOS and is now a cross platform feature as it has been added to Android too!

XLSM File Support 🥳

We now support XLSM file attachments for articles on Oplift Engage.
What are XLSM files? They are basically the same as Excel files but with embedded macros. 

Just upload an XSLM attachment as you normally would for an article

Bug fixes and improvements 💪

We've packed this release full of bug fixes and improvements across all platforms. The highlights are listed below. 


  • We've added an alert if you select a mystery achievement when you have no internet connection

  • Improved the flow of viewing an article which requires an acknowledgement

  •  After completing a task on the 'You' page it used to reappear for a short amount of time allowing you to complete it again

  • UI animation improvements for achievements


  • When logging in with a saved password login details were cleared

  • If you searched for something using the search on the dash the search was not being displayed in your 'previous searches'

  • Your profile picture will now update automatically on the 'You' page without the need to force close the app 

  • On iPad, when completing a playlist where two articles have tasks, they were not being displayed correctly

  • Variety of visual UI fixes such as overlapping text and padding issues. 


  • Fixed an error where the incorrect time remaining on a podcast was being displayed

  • UI improvements such as the positioning of the search bar on the dash 

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