Oplift Review March 2022 Release
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Earlier this year we soft launched a new stand-alone version of Review on the web.

We have moved out the Review reporting from Engage into this standalone product and we have also added in the ability to complete Reviews on the web.

When you first log in to Review on the web you'll see a dashboard showing high level information such as

  • how many In Progress reviews you have

  • how many Reviews you've submitted recently

  • If you have any open tasks, they will show on the dashboard along with the most recently closed ones.

From the dash you can easily jump in and continue on an In Progress Review, or you can close a task assigned to you.

In Review on the web we have improved the reporting available with better filtering, sorting and task visibility. You can find these options under the menu items

  • Reviews - for completed Reviews

  • Insights - for insight reporting across Reviews

  • Activity - for current in progress Reviews and track Tasks for your team

If you want a tour or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact support@ocasta.com

Watch a demo of the new Review below!:

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