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How to create a locations import file

If you have a lot of Locations to set up for Engage or Review consider using the ‘Import Locations’ facility in Administration.

To import locations you need to first create a csv file with each location required on a separate row. A template file is available.

The column headings available correspond to the main fields in Location entry. These are:

  • location_title - The name of the new location [Mandatory]

  • Region - Which region it will be in, which can be a main region or sub-region [Mandatory]

  • location_type - The Type of Location this will be [Mandatory]

  • loc_address_line_1 - Address line 1

  • loc_address_line_2 - Address line 1

  • loc_address_town - Town

  • loc_address_county - County

  • postcode - Postcode

  • loc_external_id - A short name as an alternative to the main name

How to import the location file

  1. When your file is ready you then need to go to the Admin view, select locations then the sub-menu item ‘Import Locations’.

  2. Then Choose File then browse and select the file you have just created, followed by Open.

  3. Then press Import.

  4. If the locations are correctly set up AND DO NOT ALREADY EXIST then they are added straight away and will be available for use.

A few caveats to consider when importing locations:

  • The new locations must have Region and Type fields set that already exist. If not then the file entries will be rejected.

  • You cannot use this tool for changing existing locations, only new ones will be processed.

  • You cannot use this tool for deleting existing locations.

Please contact if you need any further help 👍

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