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Role Creation
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How can I edit permissions for an existing role?

  1. To view permissions of the roles pre-existing in Engage or Review click ‘Users’ in the left side bar

  2. In the subcategories select ‘Permissions’

  3. Select 'Edit by role' and then tick the boxes of the roles which you would like to view and click next

  4. You'll be able to select the permission for the selected role by selecting or unselecting the tick boxes next to each permission

  5. When you are finished press 'Save

How can I create a new role?

You can create your own roles and specify which permissions you want to assign to them.

  1. Click ‘Users’ in the left side bar 

  2. In the subcategories select ‘Permissions’

  3. Select 'Edit by role'

  4. In the free text box type the name of the new role click ‘Add’ 

  5. You can add as many as you wish on this page e.g. Communications Manager, Internal Communications editor 

  6. Once you have created the new roles you need to select them and press 'next' in order to set permissions for the new roles. You might find it useful to select the other existing roles as well so that you can see the default setting for each user to help you decide on permissions for the new roles

  7. Decide for each Role if you would like the user to ‘view’ or ‘manage’ the categories

  8. Once you are finished tap 'Save'

  9. If you need any help or advice with this please contact 🙂

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