Creating how-to guides

Need to break down a longer article? Try a how-to!

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How-to guides are a great way to break down longer articles, like guides, policies, or jargon busters so staff can quickly jump between these steps.

Any article can be turned into a how-to, so to get started, you'll need to create a new article or edit an existing one - see how here.

How do I add a how-to article?

These are articles which are separated by steps, you can use the article tab as a good way of creating an intro.

Select the 'How To' tab

  1. Write the article title e.g. How to reload the receipt printer

  2. Select ‘How To’ in the tab

  3. Click ‘Add New’ to add new step

  4. Title - add title of the step e.g. Check everything has been accounted for

  5. Content - add the content of the step

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