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For each review template you can specify which roles can perform these reviews as well as which roles can view them. For example, there might be some reviews that can only be carried out by Regional Managers.

There also may be some reviews that you don't want everyone with access to review to be able to see, for example, you may want employee reviews to only be visible to managers and the observee.

How can I specify which roles can perform and view reviews?

  1. Whilst adding a new review you will see a section on the right hand side called 'Permissions'

  2. In this section you will see two subsections 'Which roles can perform these reviews?' and 'Which roles can view this review?'

  3. You can tick the boxes of the roles you would like to view and perform reviews or toggle all.

  4. It is important to bear in mind that when you make changes to who can view or perform reviews that the changes will apply to historic reports as well as future ones.

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