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How do I save a review?

  1. If you would like to save your review and complete it another time just press the ‘Save & Close’ button in the top left nav bar. On the web the button is in the top left corner of the screen below the nav bar.

  2. Your review will then be available to view in the list of in progress reviews.

  3. Return to the home screen and you'll see a count of how many reviews you have in progress. Select it to see a full list of your in progress reviews.

  4. To continue a review just select the in progress report from the list.

  5. On the web, if you have the correct permissions, you can also go to the ‘Activity’ page and select the ‘Review in Progress’ tab (if not already selected) to view all reviews in progress, not just your own reviews.

How do I submit a review?

  • When you are happy that your review is complete you can press the 'Submit' button in the top right nav bar.

  • Once you’ve submitted your review it will become available to view in the list of completed reviews by those who have the permission to view it.

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