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How do I share a review summary?
How do I share a review summary?

Share a submitted Review via email on Android, iOS and the Web

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Once you’ve completed a review it will become available to view in the list of submitted reviews. Read more about How to submit a Review and where to find the list of completed Reviews on iOS, Android and the Web.

Once you have found the Review you would like to share:

  1. Select the review and you’ll see the share button in the top right hand corner of the screen on the web or in the top right nav bar on iOS/ Android devices.

  2. You’ll be directed to your email client.

  3. If set in the admin, the email will contain a share link to the completed review.

  4. In the admin you can also choose if you'd like to show the score for the Review in the email. (Read how to set the email to Include URL to full report in the admin and show the Review score)

  5. The recipient will need to have permission to view the review to be able to access the link and they will need to login to view it.

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