How to make an insight mandatory
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Insights are set to optional by default. To make an Insight mandatory follow the steps below.

  1. When you are creating a review template and are adding insights to a section, you’ll see a tick box ‘Required’ on the right hand side of the insight. If you select this the insight will be made mandatory.

  2. This will be indicated with a red asterisk in the front end and the reviewer won’t be able to submit a Review without completing the mandatory insights.

How do I make a photo or note mandatory for an Insight?

For some insights, if the reviewer selects a particular answer, you may want them to provide a photo or a note.

For example, if the reviewer is carrying out a store visit one of the insights might be, ‘Have the fire alarms been tested?’. If they select ‘No’ you would want a note to explain why they haven’t been tested.

  • To make a photo mandatory, just select the tick box ‘require photo’ in the admin when adding the insight to the section. It’s next to the ‘Required’ tick box to make the insight mandatory, (see image above).

  • If a note is required for a particular answer, you’ll need to set this when you create the insight. You’ll see an option called ‘require notes when the user chooses..’

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