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When creating a new review template you can choose to setup an email summary to be sent out to recipients of all the reviews carried out for a particular time period.

The email will contain links to the submitted reviews. The recipients will need to have the correct permissions to view the links.

  1. Select the review template you wish to setup and email summary for in the admin.

  2. Next to the ‘Settings tab’ you will see an ‘Email summary’ tab. Select this tab.

  3. Enable email summary - toggle to yes and you will be presented with a list of options.

  4. How often? - weekly or monthly. If you select weekly you can specify the day. If you select monthly you can select which day of the month the email will get sent out.

  5. Which time of the day? - select the box and a time picker will appear.

  6. Email summary E-mail list - enter each recipients email address as a separate entry.

  7. Don’t forget to press ‘update’ when you have finished setting up the email summary.

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