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Enhanced Offline Support for Review
Enhanced Offline Support for Review

Offline mode enhancements: offline status, continue with in-progress reviews and review data sync.

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We are excited to announce that the latest update to our Review app offers a much more seamless experience if you're offline or have an unstable connection. Here's what you can expect in this release:

Offline Mode Enhancements:

Offline Status Indication

When the app detects no network, it transitions smoothly into Offline Mode, clearly indicating your offline status.

Continue with In-Progress Reviews Offline

Even without an active or stable network connection, the Review app allows you to continue completing In-Progress reviews, ensuring uninterrupted work. You can navigate within the review, open and update insights within each section, and add notes and photos as required.

Please note that creating and assigning tasks, accessing previous reviews, and submitting a review must wait until you're back online.

Review Data Sync

If you make changes to a Review while offline, these will automatically be synced to the server when the app next goes online. To start the syncing process you’ll just need to open the app, if you haven’t opened it already since going back online.

When viewing the list of In Progress reviews, a symbol will show next to reviews if they

  • have changes not yet synced,

  • syncing is in progress, or if

  • syncing has recently completed.

Limitations While Offline:

The following functionalities are disabled while offline:

  • Start a new Review: You can’t start a new Review offline so if you know you are going to in an area with poor connectivity, make sure to start your Review before you go.

  • Delete In Progress Reviews: You’ll need to wait until you’re back online to delete an in progress review.

  • Update Open Tasks: You can view your open tasks but cannot mark them as complete until you're online.

  • Completed Reviews: You won’t be able to view any completed Reviews offline. The list of completed Reviews may be available, depending on when the app lost connectivity.

  • Search for Completed Reviews: The search functionality for completed reviews is disabled while offline.

  • Profile Access and Password Change: You cannot access your profile or change your password while offline.

  • Editing on multiple devices: Please note if you edit a Review on a different device before the offline copy has synced, you will lose the changes on your offline copy.

We hope these offline enhancements will significantly improve your user experience in areas with poor connectivity, enabling a smoother workflow. We can’t wait to hear any feedback or questions you might have.

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