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XP and Leaderboards
XP and Leaderboards
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What is XP?

You earn XP (Experience Points) for attempting to answer questions and further XP if you answer questions correctly ๐Ÿ‘You will earn XP for answering questions for the previous month but these points will be added to your score for the previous month, not the current month.

Albert XP is:

  • A total of 250 per question, or 750 XP per day:

    • 100 XP for each question attempted

    • + 150 XP if you get it correct

  • A bonus 1000 XP each week for completing the weekly Buzz Session (no additional XP is offered if multiple buzz sessions are completed).

How can I compare my score to others?

In the app you can look at the leaderboard to see how well you are doing compared to others. You can choose to see the leaderboard for your Team, your Area or All (everyone within your organisation). You can also filter the leaderboard by the previous or current month or current year as well as all time.

For users with roam permissions, granting access to multiple locations, an added feature is the dropdown menu labeled "Select Area." This feature enables users to further filter the leaderboard, allowing a focused view on a specific area or region.

If two colleagues have the same score, whoever answered their questions fastest gains the higher spot on the leaderboard!

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