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If you have the kudos bulk handout permission you'll be able to bulk send kudos to a large group of people such as a team. This permission also enables you to give kudos on behalf of someone else.

How do I bulk send kudos?

  1. Go to the 'Manage' page on the web.

  2. In the Kudos section select 'Bulk Send'

  3. In the 'Send To' box you need to enter the list of usernames that you would like to send a kudos to. You can enter each username manually, pressing enter after each username, or you can copy and paste a list of usernames into the box. Each username has to be separated with a comma for example; Megan Bland, Ben Collier, Viktoria Webber, Ed Moore

  4. Select the Kudos type.

  5. Add an additional message to explain in more detail why you have awarded them the Kudos.

  6. If you are sending the Kudos on behalf of someone else you can select from the 'Sent From' dropdown who the kudos is from.

  7. Press 'Send' in the top right when you're ready.

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